How To Blend Essential Oils eBook

Want to get the most out of your essential oils but don’t know where to start?

It can get overwhelming when there are 94 different oils that all fit into different categories, work with different scents and can be used for different things.

So instead of trying to research everything for yourself, we put all that info into one easy-to-use eBook that you can use from your phone, laptop, tablet, kindle or wherever!

Inside there’s a scent category chart that has all 94 put into different aroma groups so you know which oils make great substitutes for one another (perfect for when you want to try that new blend but don’t have all the oils).

There’s also 60 different blends you can try and adjust to your liking, as well as 10 aromatherapy recipes that let you do more with your essential oils than diffusing them.

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Do you want to get the most out of your essential oils but don’t know where to start?

Learn how to blend essential oils using our easy-to-follow guide with 60 blends and 10 aromatherapy recipes for you to use.

This eBook will:

  • Give you the confidence to make your own essential oil blends that smell great and have therapeutic properties that work together.
  • Let’s you be in full control of using the scents you like and don’t like, whilst making adjustments to the blends depending on what oils you already own.
  • Gives you the security in knowing what you’re using when adding your blends to your skin care, bath products and more.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • An essential oil ‘Scent Category’ blending guide
    Refer to this chart that categorises every oil by their scent type if you’re a newbie to making your own blends.
  • 60 blend recipes
    Choose from any of the 60 essential oil blends that you can make in this eBook and experiment with them.
  • 10 aromatherapy recipes
    Take your favourite blend and add it to any of these recipes for your own natural air fresheners, hair care, bath products and more!

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And keep it on your computer, Kindle, tablet or phone for whenever you want to look back to it.

Instant PDF download. This eBook is 58 pages long.

7 reviews for How To Blend Essential Oils eBook

  1. J*****n

    Lovely book, very handy x

  2. F******k S.

    Love this! I used to make blends that smelt gross all the time but since using this book, I haven’t had that problem since 😀 All their ‘tried-and-tested’ blends are great too and the recipes are so fun to make!

  3. D**i

    So useful!

  4. S***n K.

    Just tried out one of the blends in this book and they’re great. So much info and great for a beginner like me

  5. Z*e T.


  6. A***m

    I use the recipes in here a lot and the blends. Really good for someone who needs more inspiration with their essential oils!

  7. L****a

    Lots of colourful images and pretty patterns as well as useful recipes

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